Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • Revised form FC-GPR for reporting issue of shares and convertible debentures under Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) scheme

    February 12 2014

    Foreign Direct Investment in an Indian entity by an NRI/Foreign Entity in the form of shares or by way of Convertible Debentures is required to be reported to RBI in Form FC-GPR within 30 days of issue of such shares/convertible debentures.

    RBI has now revised such Form FC-GPR to gather additional details such as Brownfield/Greenfield investments and the date of incorporation of investee company

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  • Permanent Establishment (PE) under DTAA – Can a subsidiary be a PE??!!

    February 8 2014

    A subsidiary company carrying on business in India controlled by a foreign holding company - whether such legal control is enough to term Subsidiary Company as a PE of its foreign holding company?

    In a recent ruling the Delhi Court in the case of E-Funds Corporation, while deciding on a number of issues like: fixed place PE, Service PE, Agency PE, Apportionment of Profits to a PE has dealt with a very interesting issue for Multinational Companies (MNCs) wishing to establish a Subsidiary Company in India.

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